Mobile App





Research & Discovery

Our process began with understanding users and marketplace

The Target User
What We Found from User Research


  • Diners tend to have an expected amount set in mind before going out to dine, while it’s hard to manage budget through dining.
  • Longtime waiting for serving can be a major pain point for diners, especially when they are in rush.
  • The process of ordering, splitting and paying the bill while going out for dinner with a group can be overly complicated.


Define Business Opportunities
  • Potential of Mobile Payment. According to mobile payment survey released by 2015 National Restaurant Association conference: people chose the restaurant industry as the most likely to widely adopt mobile payments in the near future.
  • Gap in the market. We looked out companies out there has similar apps, may be seen as competitors of OpenTable. Most apps are not available in Vancouver and not able to budget as they are going through the order process. It can be a great opportunity for Openable to get ahead of competitors in west coast area.

Plan & Ideation

Our goal is to create a seamless experience for users


Our goal of design is to expand OpenTable original user journey by integrating new features into a single straight-through user experience, in which users can manage their orders and split bills with dining companies.

Design & Testing


We started from low fidelity sketch to fully polished prototype, while running over 5 usability tests before moving to next design stage.

We found that dining is not only about delicious food; atmosphere of restaurant, warm welcoming from server, and conversation with friends also add delight to a dining experience. People were amazed by the idea of managing order through the phone, however they concerned about relying on mobile too much might ruin the pleasure of dining.

So the biggest challenge for us is to design an app can actually enhance user’s real-life dining experience. We came up with five main solutions, to merge user’s mobile experience with real life dining experience.

Check prototype to view the full design