Web App & Website


Research & Discovery


user and marketplace

User Research and Competitive Analysis
  • Conducted user research to drive our planning phase using different observation and feedback collection methods such as user interviews, online surveys and usability testing
  • Identified and evaluated how a given product’s competition stacks up against usability standards and overall user experience
Focus group / Feedback Luncheon
  • Prepared and facilitated a bi-weekly feedback luncheon in Kabuni House. Designed activities and questions based on business needs, and made suggestion on participant recruitment based on research topics
  • Discussed participant’s experiences with Kabuni online and offline, reviewed initial mockups with users to validated business and design ideas, documented and shared the feedbacks with whole team

Research Project Highlight

Duration: 2 weeks

Methods: 10 interviews + survey results; 20 usability tests


  • Conducted user interview, online survey, and usability tests
  • Engaged coworkers from other teams to gathering responses from users, organize ideas and find out behaviour patterns
  • Presented research findings to the whole company


  • Research findings provide strong implication for design and help company in terms of decision making
  • Positive feedbacks from team moves company toward user-centred design approach
  • Team members reported their enhanced understanding of user
Plan & Ideation

Bring Ideas to live

I worked with other teams to develop an overarching strategy with a set of conceptual wireframes.

I defined and interpreted business requirements and business strategy and created storyboards, user stories, user flows, and sitemaps to communicate interaction and design ideas.


User Flow


Content Mapping




Core Model

Design & Testing

Rapid Prototyping

in iterative cycle

Develop high fidelity wireframes for responsive Web Application and website to iterate on and refine the existing experience. These ideas are represented by paper prototypes or interactive wireframes in low-fidelity first to validate ideas and assumptions, then move towards high fidelity design consistent with brand standards, analytics insight, and user feedback.


It involves input and ideas from different team members. I invited CEO, technical team and product manager, marketing director to sit down and review the design, and make sure we were on the same page.


Building on the user feedback loop established in previous phases, the premise of the Design phase is to put ideas in front of users, get their feedback, refine them, and repeat.



Lean UX

It is the practice of bringing the true nature of our work to light faster, with less emphasis on deliverables and greater focus on the actual experience being designed – by Jeff Gothelf.

Mobile First

It intends to provide the optimal viewing experience across a wide array of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

Content First

I collaborated with copywriter to ensure that the copy delivering the right message to user, and create the design that provides proper context.


Major project highlight

Interactive Design Documentation (IDD)

I created and maintained Interaction Design Documentation (IDD) to document the design process. It is a recording of a strategic and creative process focused on clearly outlining issues, goals, recommendations, and guidelines, and created in a way that empowers collaboration and revisions in the future.

In two weeks time, I worked with other designer to create sitemaps for multiple digital products, write over 120 user stories, and take screenshots of current app indicating page goal, audience and interaction of each page.

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